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Last Friday Transition Years participated in Scifest! Although Scifest was stressful at times, it was nice to see it all come together. At the start of the year we were all put into groups and began preparing our titles. It was difficult to come up with a title to explore but after a lot of research we decided on Stain Removal: Natural vs Synthetic. We aimed to explore which stain remover was the best and tested:

  • Lemon Juice
  • Vinegar
  • Acetone (in nail varnish remover)
  • Baking Powder 
  • Vanish

We scrubbed stains like dirt, berries and ketchup on white t-shirts and found that the best remover was baking powder which made the whites whiter.


So we are now through to the next round so watch this space!

Lauren :)

Empower Girls For Change

In religion class we have been working on our mini NGO which is promoting girls education In developing countries, and everywhere. Giving girls an education can break the chain of poverty for future generations.
  • Educated girls grow into educated women, who have healthier babies and are more likely to educate their children.
  • They will be able to have a career and therefore pay for their child's education.
  • When a girl in the developing world receives an education, she marries four years later and has 2.2 fewer children.
We made videos in I.T. class to promote this issue. Here is mine:

I hope you enjoyed my video and that you help us to promote education for girls worldwide. I want them to have the opportunities that I am so fortunate to have, and I'm sure you will too.

Thanks guys,

Stay tuned for more,




"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Yesterday we went to the BT Young scientist exhibition which was brilliant. There were some really interesting projects from around the country such as how to prepare for an earthquake in third world countries and a light for your bicycle that lights up when a car approaches. These are just some of the many amazing projects that were competing in the young scientist.

btyse Logo
It was the 50th young scientist exhibition so there was a special 3D show about space which was very interesting. It gave me perspective in relation to how small we are. They compared the size of earth with the sun and then the sun with other stars and it looked minute! It was really fascinating and I would definitely recommend visiting it if you are at the exhibition.

However with the sciences aside, the highlight of my day was definitely meeting Ryan Tubridy and taking a selfie with him (below)
Displaying image.jpeg

After that I got to present the weather! We stood in front of the blue screen and Aideen pointed to the map and Melissa clicked for the prompter to change. I really enjoyed reading it and made me consider news reporting.. Sadly they didn't ask to hire me right there on the spot but I'm sure they were just too in awe.... ;)

Overall we had a brilliant day, thanks to all the science teachers and Mrs L for organising it :)

Stay tuned for even more TY antics and pictures,
Have a good weekend! 

Lauren :)

January 10 2014

Junk Kouture

Hi guys! How are things? This week has been super busy for us TY's as it is our first week back after Christmas! We were all busy preparing for Junk Kouture, which I will tell you about later in this post. We are also preparing for Scifest and Mini Company, so for those of you that consider TY as a doss year, this is far from the truth. Not to mention the musical is in 7 weeks which I am excited about but also quite nervous but a bit of nerves is okay I spose :) Tickets are on sale now in the school, so make sure to get your before they sell out!

Displaying photo.JPG
Me and Sorcha in our Junk Kouture :)
So today was the big day of.. Junk Kouture! We had our fashion show today, which loads of students and teachers watched. We put a lot of time and effort into our outfit and I really enjoyed walking up the catwalk to this song:

It really tied in with the black swan theme, and I thought it was actually a really cool remix :) I really enjoyed the fashion show and doing the ridiculous makeup and hair and everything, although the wires stuck into me a bit, the minor injuries were worth it haha.

That's all for now amigos, watch this space for more TY madness, and just to spoil you on this fabulous friday, here is a nice happy song:


Happy Holly Days

On Thursday, all of Ty went into town to collect money for the ISPCC for their Christmas appeal: Holly Days

We went off in pairs to different areas of Dublin city and began collecting. Myself and Melissa were outside the Shelbourne hotel. It wasn't long before we had a chant going: 'Holly for the ISPCC'. After a short while we were singing Christmas carols and really getting into the spirit of things. Even if people couldn't give money we at least put a smile on their faces. People were very generous and they said we were the best collectors on the road ;) It felt so good to have collected a fair bit for this wonderful charity. The money will help childline at Christmas so that no child's call goes unanswered. Not only did we have great fun collecting, it was also very character building to talk to strangers and sing (quite loudly) in the street. I would definitely love to do this again next Christmas. Consider me signed up!

Happy Hollydays,


Thursday 5 december 2013

    Work experience!

I have just finished my fantastic time at the Chemistry Department in NUIM. I am really going to miss going there every Wednesday as I learnt so much and enjoyed every week. The people there were so kind and friendly and made me feel part of the team. Myself and Sophie did our work experience there together and we both enjoyed it so much. We got to do plenty of experiments and helped out at the science night also which was fun. Anyone with an interest in chemistry, like myself, would absolutely love work experience there and I would highly recommend it.



Art Attack

On Thursday, the whole of TY hopped on a bus to Dublin City and went to three different museums there. First we went to the National Gallery of Ireland and saw some really interesting paintings by Jack Yeats, Picasso and some other artists. My favourite painting that we saw was  'The Liffey Swim' by Jack B Yeats. The tour at the gallery was excellent and I would highly recommend a visit.


Next we went to the National History Museum, and viewed the Bronze Age exhibition and saw some the lunulas and other celtic jewellery. After this, we went to the Bog Bodies exhibition, which I found absolutely fascinating. It's hard to believe that bodies over 4000 years old can still exist. I was also amazed by how much scientists can tell about the person just from half of their body or even just a torso.
Next we had lunch in McDonald's on Grafton Street and then had a lovely little wander on Ireland's most famous street. We took a LOT of pictures, which will follow shortly. After this we went to the National Library, and went to the W.B. Yeats exhibit there, which was really interesting also.


Thanks so much to Mrs B for organising this lovely trip and thanks to all the teachers who came with us :)

Slán go fóill,

Lauren :) 



Monday morning began with a bus journey to I.T. Tallaght. Our renditions of songs by the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Rihanna, to name but a few, were all fabulous, as I'm sure the teachers who came with us would agree. ;)

When we arrived we were brought into the biotechnology lab which was really cool although there was a strong smell of the various gases and it was really warm with us all in there, but I took no notice. As the lady explained what the machinery did, I began to feel very unwell and started to black out and then I fainted, but thankfully, some of the girls caught me, so I didn't hurt myself. Ms O'C and Claire kindly stayed with me and after a while, I regained the colour in my face (I'm pale anyway, but still) and my Mam came to collect me there. I missed going to Liffey Valley but at least I feel better now. I think I was a bit dehydrated and then with the heat of the room and everything.

Hopefully the next trip will be a more pleasant experience :)

Friday 8th november 2013

Today we had Zumba and I loved it! It was great fun and I think its fair to say we all felt tired afterwards! I can't wait to do it next week! We do a series of repeated steps to fun, upbeat music which is a new, fun way to keep fit!


Radio TY

I am so excited to say that I am a member of the St. Wolstan's Media Team. Over the past few weeks, we have interviewed guest speakers and also our fellow students at various events in our school. We plan to go to many events throughout the year and interview some very interesting people, like the Youth Media Team have been doing. Conor came in to talk to us about this project which was very helpful and he gave us some very useful tips.This week, Mrs. L taught some of us how to edit the podcasts, and it was so interesting and its a really useful skill. We also learnt that 'emm...'s can be really annoying to edit out! We have a lot planned for RTY and we will regularly post interviews, so check out the  RTY blog for more. Here is a link to our Development Education podcast, which I recorded last week. Our question is 'Is the world child friendly?' which Mrs. L was very enthusiastic about when I suggested it as a question. We also have a blog for this project: http://www.achildfriendlyworld.blogspot.ie/

On an unrelated note, we're on midterm, so Happy Halloween everyone!



Let's Talk Business...

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
Last Thursday we went to the Moat Theatre in Naas for a talk on mini company. I'm really excited to start our mini company now as it gave us inspiration and informed us as to how to organise our company. We had to come up with various ways to use a paper clip to get us thinking creatively, and some of the ideas we came up with were:

a cherry pipper,
an attachment to christmas tree baubles,
and a dog lead.

Afterwards we got to go to McDonalds, which was a lovely treat :)

Sunday 29th september

On Wednesday, we had three workshops: laughter yoga, etiquette and massage therapy, all of which were very enjoyable. We were exhausted after our trip to Carlingford (find out more about that on my last post: "Tunnel Vision"), and were in good need of some relaxation, so it was great that we had Massage therapy first, and gave each other neck and head massages, although at one point I was so relaxed I found it hard to keep my eyes open... (I did though, I promise ;) ).  

After that, we had an etiquette workshop and learnt about deportment (basically walking in heels with books on our heads!), what to wear for work experience and what suits our various body shapes. They showed us the new dove campaign, which shows that all body shapes are perfect, and I think its really important that people know that. It must have been funny for Brenda and Kate to watch us all with books on our heads!
The last workshop was laughter yoga with denise, which was good for relieving stress. We had to put on masks and laugh at each other basically. She told us that when you laugh, all you focus on is laughing and you forget whatever is on your mind for that brief moment, which I think is amazing. That is the psychology behind laughter yoga. Dr. Kataria discovered that if you laugh for no reason, it then turns into real laughter and can relieve stress. A study has shown that adults laugh about 17 times in a day, whereas children laugh about 400 times a day. I'd say I'd laugh nearly as often as a child, which is a good thing I think.

Until next time,


Thursday 19th September 2013

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

I have a lot to tell you guys so bear with me. On Monday and Tuesday we went on our TY trip to Carlingford which was brilliant (Hope the rest of Woollies didn't miss us too much!) We met at seven in the morning on Monday. When we got there we were greeted with this beautiful, quaint little stone village:

Our first activity was.. LASER COMBAT...in the FOREST! We got to wear camouflage onesies! It was such fun running and jumping and shooting around the forest (GO BLUE TEAM!). I really enjoyed that activity. After that we had team work games where we had to figure out out-door puzzles and how to find our way through a ' spider's web' without touching it and things like that. They were really strategical activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed solving with my team-mates. Everyone got on really well and we had great craic.

After dinner we went out to the best activity of the day: the night activities (thanks to Mrs L for booking us in for that!) we walked through the forest blindfolded and even got squirted in the face with sports drink and hadn't got a clue what the orangey liquid was on my face. We all trusted each other but there was a lot of screaming going on! ;) we also played forest ninjas and lighthouse with a torch and that was so fun! afterwards we climbed through a 1m x 1m pitch black tunnel outside - it was a stone drain and when I was in it I didn't know if my eyes were open or closed because it was so dark! We made it out though and I was glad i did it.

The next day we did water sports: kayaking, water trampolining and we even stuck our heads under a waterfall in a cave, because there is a myth that if you do so you live for an extra 24 hours! Whoo!
That's all for now,

Stay tuned to find out why we were laughing like maniacs,

Lauren :)

Thursday 11 September 2013

On Thursday we went to Castletown House which was lovely and really interesting. It was fascinating to see how the wealthy lived at that time. We got to see the servants quarters also and climbed the many stairs that they once had to climb while carrying dishes and barrels and it really gave me an insight into how hard they worked every day. I would definitely recommend taking a visit there if you can!


On Friday we had a short assembly about Carlingford, which I am really excited about! I'm all packed and ready to go! I believe there will be rope climbing, kayaking and midnight walks in the forest..... I can't wait! You'll hear all about that soon,

Talk Soon,

Lauren x


Workshops, Wigs and Minions

Since I posted on Tuesday, I have been really busy. We have come up with Junk Kouture ideas, planned our Mini Company, done our fitness test and three workshops. Phew! Every Wednesday that we don't have work experience, we have workshops or we go on a trip. This Wednesday, we had three workshops and the first was about social development. We were taught how to behave in a confident manner, even when we feel a bit nervous. These skills should help in the coming weeks when we begin work experience and need to step outside our comfort zones and into the world of work. 

The second workshop was about reflexology, massage therapy and relaxation. It involved a lot of pair work and I think we got the hang of the massage after a while. Although this would not be everyone's cup of tea, it was a worthwhile experience and I think its fair to say we were all rather relaxed afterwards

We had great fun a the positive party, with sweets, dancing, joking and having a really good time. I think it was a really good icebreaker for our class to get to know each other. Some of the girls dressed up in wigs and acted as a famous band! It was great craic and left everyone in a great mood. In the spirit of the positive party, here's a feel good song Mrs L showed us, and it gave us all a great laugh so enjoy!


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