Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We are going on a school trip to Barcelona soon and I cannot wait to go. We're going over easter which will be really good. Some of my friends are going also. We will be going to Port Aventura, cathedrals, and many other tourist attractions and I cannot wait!!


Yesterday we did our first P.E. class of gymnastics in Excel Gymnastics for 2 hours. I did gymnastics for over 7 years there as a child so it brought back great memories. We warmed up with some exercises and did the splits and then did some  jumping and tumbling exercises. After that was the vault which was a lot of fun. I even flipped off the vault! (into mats of course). Then we did some balance work on the beam which was good and then chin ups and beats on the barres.

How we looked doing our exercises ;)

Its the next day and my shoulders and arms are pretty stiff from the push ups and chin ups as I'm not used to that kinda work (#chickenarms ;p ) but it was so worth it I had a great time and cant wait for next week!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Whip Crack AWAY!

Last week was the week of our school musical, Calamity Jane, and as Calamity, it was one of the best weeks of my life. It was such a fantastic experience.

Monday evening was the first rehearsal in the GAA and we tested the mics and stuff which made me so excited because it hit me then how the musical was the next day and I started to get really excited to show off our hard work.

On Tuesday we rehearsed all day at the GAA which went well. By the time showtime came around that evening, everyone was excited, nervous, and anxious but there was a great buzz around the place. After going home for over an hour i went back to get my hair and makeup done by Ms. L (who did a fabulous job) and to get my mic on. I had a few friends  and family members there so I was a bit nervous but as soon as I stepped out onto the stage the nerves went away and I started to enjoy myself. There were a few 'saves' that we made but no major mistakes which was fantastic for an opening night. There were some lovely pictures taken on the night by Lola

Wednesday went really well also, although there was a bit of anxiety towards this show as we now had a standard to uphold and wanted to keep the good streak going. It went well again and although there were a few blunders in the first act, the second act was spectacular and we finished on a high.

The Thursday show was fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone did brilliantly and I was so excited after it I could hardly sleep and then Friday went even better.

I have enjoyed this whole experience thoroughly and feel I have gained from it confidence wise and also I met some really great people that I hope to stay in touch with. All the songs in it are so beautiful and are constantly in my head (ill have everyone driven mad from singing them). I hope everyone who went enjoyed it and thanks so much for coming and supporting us. Well done to everyone involved, either on stage or backstage or in the orchestra and all the teachers and prefects who helped out along the way too.

That's all for now,