Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tears, Ballet and Climbing.

Tuesday was a long day of anticipation, waiting for the day of the results to follow. I didn't know what to expect. I had ballet that night so that took my mind off things and I actually forgot about the exciting day that was to follow. We had a lie in on Wednesday, the day of the results, which was nice. I was very excited to find out how I had done, to find out if my hard work over the last three years paid off.

The hall was ecstatic with nerves and excitement. I found my friends, some of whom were panicking (unnecessarily, because they did brilliantly). We stood in our class groups for the last time, and after our principal and deputy principal each gave us lovely words of encouragement, the results were handed out. I got my brown envelope containing my results, and went straight out of the hall, and drove home with my Mam. I ran in, opened them and I cried tears of joy. I had done all higher level subjects and got ten A's and a B and was absolutely delighted (and shocked!). I literally could not believe it as I had never expected to do so well and my family were so happy for me. We went out for lunch to celebrate and then I went over to my friend's to get ready to go out for a nice night of celebration in Time disco. Well done to everyone on their excellent results! And thanks all of   the great teachers at St Wolstan's.

On Thursday we went to Castletown House which was lovely and really interesting. It was fascinating to see how the wealthy lived at that time. We got to see the servants quarters also and climbed the many stairs that they once had to climb while carrying dishes and barrels and it really gave me an insight into how hard they worked every day. I would definitely recommend taking a visit there if you can!


On Friday we had a short assembly about Carlingford, which I am really excited about! I'm all packed and ready to go! I believe there will be rope climbing, kayaking and midnight walks in the forest..... I can't wait! You'll hear all about that soon,

Talk Soon,

Lauren x

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