Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tunnel Vision.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

I have a lot to tell you guys so bear with me. On Monday and Tuesday we went on our TY trip to Carlingford which was brilliant (Hope the rest of Woollies didn't miss us too much!) We met at seven in the morning on Monday. When we got there we were greeted with this beautiful, quaint little stone village:

Our first activity was.. LASER the FOREST! We got to wear camouflage onesies! It was such fun running and jumping and shooting around the forest (GO BLUE TEAM!). I really enjoyed that activity. After that we had team work games where we had to figure out out-door puzzles and how to find our way through a ' spider's web' without touching it and things like that. They were really strategical activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed solving with my team-mates. Everyone got on really well and we had great craic.

After dinner we went out to the best activity of the day: the night activities (thanks to Mrs L for booking us in for that!) we walked through the forest blindfolded and even got squirted in the face with sports drink and hadn't got a clue what the orangey liquid was on my face. We all trusted each other but there was a lot of screaming going on! ;) we also played forest ninjas and lighthouse with a torch and that was so fun! afterwards we climbed through a 1m x 1m pitch black tunnel outside - it was a stone drain and when I was in it I didn't know if my eyes were open or closed because it was so dark! We made it out though and I was glad i did it.

The next day we did water sports: kayaking, water trampolining and we even stuck our heads under a waterfall in a cave, because there is a myth that if you do so you live for an extra 24 hours! Whoo!
That's all for now,

Stay tuned to find out why we were laughing like maniacs,

Lauren :)

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