Friday, 15 November 2013

Art Attack

On Thursday, the whole of TY hopped on a bus to Dublin City and went to three different museums there. First we went to the National Gallery of Ireland and saw some really interesting paintings by Jack Yeats, Picasso and some other artists. My favourite painting that we saw was  'The Liffey Swim' by Jack B Yeats. The tour at the gallery was excellent and I would highly recommend a visit.


Next we went to the National History Museum, and viewed the Bronze Age exhibition and saw some the lunulas and other celtic jewellery. After this, we went to the Bog Bodies exhibition, which I found absolutely fascinating. It's hard to believe that bodies over 4000 years old can still exist. I was also amazed by how much scientists can tell about the person just from half of their body or even just a torso. 
Next we had lunch in McDonald's on Grafton Street and then had a lovely little wander on Ireland's most famous street. We took a LOT of pictures, which will follow shortly. After this we went to the National Library, and went to the W.B. Yeats exhibit there, which was really interesting also. 


Thanks so much to Mrs B for organising this lovely trip and thanks to all the teachers who came with us :)

Slán go fóill,

Lauren :) 

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