Friday, 2 May 2014

Swim a mile with a smile

This Wednesday I was really excited and slightly nervous about the Ian Daly Swim a Mile for Barretstown. I hadn't trained for it so that was why I was nervous as I planned on doing the full mile by myself. When we got there we were pretty much straight into the pool once we had sorted out who was going in what lane. All the people doing the mile by themselves were put into two lanes and then all the teams were together in 6 other lanes. We had to swim 64 lengths of a 25 meter pool in order to swim a mile. getting past about 20 was the hard part because there were so many left but after that I had got into a nice rhythm and it wasn't too bad. I can happily say that I swam the mile along with several other girls and I'm so proud of us all. It just shows what determination can do! It was such a great sense of accomplishment and I did 12 more lengths for the craic afterwards to add to our grand total of 38 lengths between our year group. We got squares bars and fruit and a drink afterwards and I was ecstatic after swimming.

However the adrenaline soon wore off when we went to Blanchardstown for a while for lunch due to tiredness :p but overall it was a fantastic experience and I would love to do it again next year and would recommend it to anyone who can swim and even if you're not too comfortable with swimming do a few lengths with some friends for a great cause! Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to the girls who counted our lengths! We raised over 2200 euro for charity which is fantastic!

That's all for now,


Lauren x

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