Sunday, 27 October 2013

Radio TY

I am so excited to say that I am a member of the St. Wolstan's Media Team. Over the past few weeks, we have interviewed guest speakers and also our fellow students at various events in our school. We plan to go to many events throughout the year and interview some very interesting people, like the Youth Media Team have been doing. Conor came in to talk to us about this project which was very helpful and he gave us some very useful tips.This week, Mrs. L taught some of us how to edit the podcasts, and it was so interesting and its a really useful skill. We also learnt that 'emm...'s can be really annoying to edit out! We have a lot planned for RTY and we will regularly post interviews, so check out the  RTY blog for more. Here is a link to our Development Education podcast, which I recorded last week. Our question is 'Is the world child friendly?' which Mrs. L was very enthusiastic about when I suggested it as a question. We also have a blog for this project:

On an unrelated note, we're on midterm, so Happy Halloween everyone!


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