Monday, 21 October 2013

The Fresh Prince, the press, and saving lives.

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

So Friday was the fun walk! When I went into school Mrs. L asked me to interview the 6th years about how they were feeling about their last funwalk, so off I went and I really enjoyed interviewing, I felt like I was the press or something. Here's a link to the Radio TY page, where you'll find interviews all about what we get up to and topics that interest us: I am so excited about being part of the TY media team so watch this space for more updates and interviews. I also did an interview with Aoife about the singing auditions for Calamity Jane, which was is up there aswell.

The fun walk was brilliant, and we had a really good dance for it. TY's were yellow so we entered in a Taxi to collect Will Smith and Carlton (that's right- from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and then danced to 'It's not unusual' followed by the brilliant tune: 'Jump on it. The dances were inspired by this very famous YouTube video:


I had so much fun doing this dance. After, we set out to man the crossings and were even told by Mr. L that he felt very safe that we were there, at a very busy junction, might I add (a total of two cars drove by). Astounding that we got everyone there safely. No need to thank us. Well actually there is, so go ahead.

Overall the fun walk was a blast, and although we didn't win, we had a lot of fun and had the craic. 

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