Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Birthday Banter

Tuesday was my 16th birthday and saying I had a brilliant day would be an understatement. I woke up to presents from my family and notifications from my friends wishing me happy birthday. Claire and Melissa had pictures and messages posted at bang on midnight, thank u girls :) when I went in to my lunch room in the morning everyone sang happy birthday to me which was lovely.

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A collage Melissa made
Lunch time was so much fun, with more singing, presents and claire made me a lovely poster with pics and private jokes and things on it! Aideen made a yummy train cake aswell!
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The cake Aideen made

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Cakes, presents, posters and cards. Thank u all!
When I went home, I had family over and more cake! I really enjoyed my birthday and I can't thank all my friends and family enough for making my day so special. I had a lovely get together that saturday too with all my friends :) 
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Me and Aideen

That's all for now,

Lauren :)

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