Friday, 10 January 2014

Be crazy, be happy

Hi guys! How are things? This week has been super busy for us TY's as it is our first week back after Christmas! We were all busy preparing for Junk Kouture, which I will tell you about later in this post. We are also preparing for Scifest and Mini Company, so for those of you that consider TY as a doss year, this is far from the truth. Not to mention the musical is in 7 weeks which I am excited about but also quite nervous but a bit of nerves is okay I spose :) Tickets are on sale now in the school, so make sure to get your before they sell out!

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Me and Sorcha in our Junk Kouture :)
So today was the big day of.. Junk Kouture! We had our fashion show today, which loads of students and teachers watched. We put a lot of time and effort into our outfit and I really enjoyed walking up the catwalk to this song:

It really tied in with the black swan theme, and I thought it was actually a really cool remix :) I really enjoyed the fashion show and doing the ridiculous makeup and hair and everything, although the wires stuck into me a bit, the minor injuries were worth it haha.

That's all for now amigos, watch this space for more TY madness, and just to spoil you on this fabulous friday, here is a nice happy song:

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