Saturday, 21 December 2013

Happy Holly Days

On Thursday, all of Ty went into town to collect money for the ISPCC for their Christmas appeal: Holly Days

We went off in pairs to different areas of Dublin city and began collecting. Myself and Melissa were outside the Shelbourne hotel. It wasn't long before we had a chant going: 'Holly for the ISPCC'. After a short while we were singing Christmas carols and really getting into the spirit of things. Even if people couldn't give money we at least put a smile on their faces. People were very generous and they said we were the best collectors on the road ;) It felt so good to have collected a fair bit for this wonderful charity. The money will help childline at Christmas so that no child's call goes unanswered. Not only did we have great fun collecting, it was also very character building to talk to strangers and sing (quite loudly) in the street. I would definitely love to do this again next Christmas. Consider me signed up!

Happy Hollydays,


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